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Intelligent video bypass breakout box for uninterrupted managed graphics live insertion


The iBB-2s is a video switching interface, with two sections that can be operated independently or in dual link mode, intended to supervise the proper functionality of PC-based logo inserters and channel branding generators with internal keyer.

Its main purpose is to automatically bypass the graphics system video path in the event of graphics application failure or of the entire PC running the graphics application. In addition, the manual mode allows performing regular maintenance activities on the video systems to which it is connected, with minimum disturbance to the program path (PGM).


JOyVerride 20i-BMD

Joystick Override GPI Input Interface for BMD Videohub routers

JOyVerride 20i-BMD

The JOyVerride 20i‑BMD interface provides the perfect solution for “Joystick Override” switching mode when using Blackmagic Design video routers for broadcast camera color matching and iris adjustments.

Through this interface, the BMD Videohub routers can be driven by traditional RCPs* whose iris joysticks feature electrical contact closure while temporary keep pressing on them.


* RCP - Remote Control Panel; may have different name and abbreviation, depending on manufacturer

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