Design and implementation of video and audio systems for:
  • television studios
  • television OB Vans
  • video production houses
  • stores located in malls
  • conference rooms
    • public address in conference rooms
Installation of cables and cable support systems for low currents, onto the same building floor or between different floor levels of the building, for:
  • data cables (computer networks, dedicated devices, etc.)
  • indoor optical fibers
Arrangement of technical areas:
  • equipment install and cabling in rack cabinets
  • technological furniture installation, custom or specialized
Modifications and extensions of existing infrastructure:
  • office & other working space layout adjustments, based on gypsum plasterboard panels
  • cables rerouting within existing structures
  • location and relocation of networking sockets and electrical outlets
Maintenance for:
  • projects managed by our company
  • systems within the scope of our company activity:
    • video, audio and IT terminals
    • structured cabling
    • low-voltage electrical installations

Please contact us for further information, as each project requires specific discussion and evaluation.

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